Man Up Global is a service-based company that provides rites of passage experiences for groups of all ages. Utilizing the symbolic images of the Warrior, Prince & King ; Man Up guides and inspires males to realize their Greatness with Courage & Dignity.  What makes our services unique are our penetrating combination of:

* Self-discovery Workshops

* Outdoor Leadership Retreats

* Martial Arts Instruction

  1. *Entrepreneurship Readiness

  2. *Social and Life skills development

  3. *Global Exposure Experiences

Through these experiences males develop: self-worth & confidence; healthy habits and attitudes for manhood; respect for self and others; and strengthen their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional selves by discovering the Warrior Prince & King within.

Man Up Global leads males along the age-old journey of Healthy Manhood and provides them with the skills and knowledge needed for them to move forward in Life fully Empowered as Leaders of their families, schools and communities.



The time has come for all males to Man Up! Man Up Global is a “Call” to action to Inspire, Uplift and Motivate males to being responsible, healthy, Purpose-Driven Men.

“Every Man is a male, yet every male is not a Man.”

  1. -Trevor Jaha

CEO Man Up Global